UC Davis Herbarium - Bryophytes (DAV-Bryophytes)

University of California, Davis herbarium collections are worldwide, with emphasis on California, North America, and neotropics (especially Ecuador and Baja California). The bryophyte collection as of February 2020 consists of 1200 specimens, under active curation by Stephen Rae and Alison Colwell.
Curator: Alison Colwell, tcbarry@ucdavis.edu, 5307521091
Collections Manager: Teri Barry, tcbarry@ucdavis.edu, 5307521091
Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Live Data managed directly within data portal
Global Unique Identifier: 13f36484-e8fd-4995-a82e-3d5309e45dbc
Digital Metadata: EML File
UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity Herbarium
Plant Sciences Mail Stop 7, One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA   95616
(530) 752-1091
Collection Statistics
  • 677 specimen records
  • 473 (70%) georeferenced
  • 434 (64%) identified to species
  • 53 families
  • 113 genera
  • 202 species
  • 209 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
Extra Statistics