Redfearn, Allen & Magill, Mosses Interior Highl. Exs.
Redfearn, P.; Allen, B.H.; Magill, R. [1-334]
IndExs #958128512

University of Michigan Herbarium
Catalog #: 563995
P. L. Redfearn #s. n. 30 March 1995
Desmatodon obtusifolius (Schwägr.) Mathieu
United States, Missouri, St. Clair, near Boar Ramp, just east of Highway 13, Crowe's Crossing

Field Museum of Natural History
Catalog #: C1063788F
P. L. Redfearn & A. Redfearn #s.n. 30 March 1995
Tortula obtusifolia (Schwägr.) Mathieu
U.S.A., Missouri, St. Clair, Crowe's Crossing, near Boar Ramp just east of Highway 13. Crowe's Crossing

University of Colorado, Museum of Natural History Herbarium Bryophyte Collection
Catalog #: COLO-B-0061061
Paul L. Redfearn, Jr #s.n. 30 March 1995
Tortula obtusifolia (Schwägr.) Mathieu
United States, Missouri, St Clair, Near Boar Ramp, just East of Highway 13. Crowe's Crossing. NE 1/4 NE 1/4.