Austin, Hepat. Bor.-Amer. Exs.
Coe Finch Austin [1 - 150]
IndExs #1130769024

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Catalog #: WIS-B-0051080
Collector Unknown #s.n.
Scapania nemorea (L.) Grolle
, Location Unkown

New York Botanical Garden
Catalog #: 231782
Collector unspecified #s.n. 00 January 1880
Scapania nemorosa (L.) Dumort. (L.) Dumort.

University of Michigan Herbarium
Catalog #: 700711
no data #s. n.
Scapania nemorosa (Linnaeus) Dum.
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Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium, Miami University
Catalog #: 000259306
s.c. #s.n. 00 January 1880
Scapania nemorosa (Linnaeus) Dum.
United States

Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University - Bryophytes
Catalog #: PH00787822
unknown #s.n.
Scapania nemorosa (Linnaeus) Dum.
United States, No locality in packet.