Duell, Bryophytes
Duell [Jan-43]

George Safford Torrey Herbarium
Catalog #: CONN01006336
Duell #1935./3 26 July 1981
Marchantia polymorpha subsp. montivagans Bischl. & Boissel.-Dub.
United States, California, Trinity, Six Rivers Nat. For. near Titlow Hill, 6,8 mi. south of Hwy. 299

New York Botanical Garden
Catalog #: 240934
R. P. G. Düll #1935/3 26 July 1981
Marchantia polymorpha L.
United States of America, California, Trinity Co., Six Rivers National Forest, near Tilton Hill, 6.8 miles south of Hwy. 299