Bruchia vogesiaca Schwägr.
Family: Bruchiaceae
bruchia moss
[Bruchia longicollis D. C. Eat.]
Bruchia vogesiaca image
Blanka Shaw  
Distal leaves long-subulate, 1.8-4.7 mm, leaf base weakly dif-ferentiated, long-oblong to long-elliptical; distal laminal cells long-rectangular. Sexual condition autoicous. Seta 3-7 mm. Capsule neck long-tapering and almost cylindric. Spores warty. Calyptra smooth

Capsules mature summer. Soil, decayed log in swamp; moderate elevations; N.H., N.Y.; Europe; Asia (China).

Bruchia vogesiaca is much like B. bolanderi, but is a larger plant with a more strongly defined costa.