Brachydontium trichodes (F. Weber) Fürnr.
Family: Seligeriaceae
brachydontium moss
[Brachyodon trichodes (Web.) Nees & Hornsch. in Nees et al.]
Brachydontium trichodes image
Stems 0.6-1.2 mm. Leaves 0.5-2 mm, distal lamina cells irregularly short-rhombic with a few cells quadrate, about (1-)2-3:1, prox-imal cells longer. Seta 2-2.5 mm, straight and twisted above when dry. Capsule ovate-cylindric, 0.6-0.8 mm. Peristome of 16, very short, truncate teeth. Spores 8-12 µm.

Moist, acidic cliff faces; higher elevations; N.H., N.C., Tenn., Wash.; South America (Colombia); Europe; Asia; Australia.