Drummond, Musci Amer.
Thomas Drummond

University of Tennessee Bryophyte Herbarium
Catalog #: TENN-B-0038316
Neckera pennata Hedw.
North America, unknown location

Field Museum of Natural History
Catalog #: C1042238F
Thomas Drummond #s. n.
Neckera pennata Hedw.
United States, Chiefly among the Rocky Mountains, British North America

Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
Catalog #: PH00122235
Thomas Drummond #s.n.
Neckera pennata Hedw.
Canada, Collected chiefly in the ROCKY MTS., British North America

University of Michigan Herbarium
Catalog #: 590865
[no data] #s. n.
Neckera pennata Hedw.
USA, [no data]