Sullivant & Lesquereux, Musci Bor.-Amer. Ed. 2
Charles L. Lesquereux [1 - 536]

Yale University Herbarium, Peabody Museum of Natural History
Catalog #: YU.225358
Hymenostomum microstomum (Hedw.) R. Br.
United States of America, Ohio and Texas

Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
Catalog #: PH00112578
C. Wright #s.n.
Hymenostomum microstomum (Hedw.) R. Br.
USA, Texas, Western Ohio and Texas

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Catalog #: WIS-B-0049446
Collector Unknown #s.n.
Weissia controversa Hedw.
United States, Argillaceam Ohionis occidentalis; etiam in agris Texanis (legis Wright)